Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Mama recommends: Topshop Lipstick 'beatnik'

Hi everyone,

As a young Mom, I'm constantly reaching for my makeup bag. Sleepless nights- concealer, Doctor's appointment - blush, Moms & baby group - the full works (you know how competitive Moms can get)...

Today has been a down day and apart from doing a quick grocery shop this morning, I've been makeup free most of the day. So I thought, why not do a recommendation of my new Topshop lipstick called 'beatnik'?

Seb's Godmother kindly gave me this lipstick over the weekend as she felt it did not suit her complexion. I tried it on and instantly liked it.

The colour is a mauve/ pink with a hint of metallic sheen. I'd say it has 'cool' undertones, so it probably suits warmer complexions as a counter balance. It's a creamy finish (like MAC's cremesheen finishes) and has fairly good staying power for maybe two hours at a time if you don't eat in between!

The drawback for me is I don't like the feel of cream finishes on my lips in general. I feel this in particular feels a lil on the greasy side too. However, if you're a lipgloss or Vaseline type of girl, you'll love this.

Here's an impromptu lip swatch on me done by Seb! Excuse my horrible makeup free eyes and dishevelled hair!

  Love Mama x

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