Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Hand Painted Easter Eggs

Hi everyone,

In my last post I spoke about what Easter means to me and my family and mentioned the usual schedule. It went as planned! Chillin', loadsa eating, family party, seeing friends & just having a nice time!

This time we were at family in London, so soon I'll do a post on packing for a weekend away with a teeny: what I find useful on our travels and what I leave at home!

It was lovely as I even staged a mini Easter egg hunt for Seb, which wasn't too complex or taxing and he loved the round of applause he received after finding each egg! It was lovely.

Onto the are the finished articles!

Seb painted them himself and I filled in the blanks. It was so exciting for me, as i'll be able to keep the eggs as a reminder of his first real Easter!

Hope you all enjoyed your Easter and created new traditions and new memories!

Love Mama x

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