Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Vaccinations! Are you harming your tiny by giving or not giving??

Hi everyone,

Thought I would give my 2p or 2cents on vaccinations for babies! I was prompted as Judy from 'itsjudytime/itsjudyslife' posted a picture on Facebook saying her 2 month old twin girls received five jabs yesterday. This drew very negative statements and pseudo Doctors came out of the woodwork condemning her decision. I thought I'd share my approach to it with Seb.

In the Uk 2012, they introduced the mandatory 'whooping cough' & Flu jab vaccinations for pregnant women. I decided against it, just following my 'gut' instinct as I knew i'd vaccinate the baby once he was out at some point.

While I was pregnant I stumbled across a very heated thread on 'netmums' about a lady who had 'done her research' and decided not to vaccinate her child. I read her stance impartially, but many others didn't! She was labelled irresponsible, selfish, putting her child at risk and already failing as a parent!

What I gleaned from the thread is this issue is totally up to the parent's discretion.

The thread made me reconsider the mandatory Vitamin K vaccination they give at birth. Instead, I opted for him to have it orally over a course of a month. I felt it was gentler than whacking a big ol needle in an hours old baby who would be acclimatising to life on the outside! I was given a screwface by my midwife, but I held firm!

At 7weeks old, Seb had an operation to fix his inguinal hernia and his first vaccinations were the next week. I cancelled that appointment as he needed time to heal. A week slipped into FIVE months later when I finally got round to giving him his second set.

What took me so long? Partial vaccination scepticism, partial over protection. I was so conscious of Seb's weight (he was born small at 5llb 7oz and his weight plummeted before his op) that I didn't think his body was 'ready' for the vaccination. It wasn't until I was satisfied that he looked healthy, that I felt confident to vaccinate him for the second time at 9months old.

His third set came just a month ago- the nurse went crazy at me, but again I held my nerve as over Xmas he was ill a few times and just wanted him to ride through it. He had those jabs in his little thighs and took them like a man. So proud.

He's due in two weeks (thought it was today :-/) the controversial MMR jab. Now the others for polio, etc I thought were ok. If I'm honest, I don't think i'll let him get the MMR. Links to autism have been found, especially in boys. There's talk of single vaccinations being better for boys, than combined but that has to be done privately with costs of up to £300...I wish I were middle class enough to spend that money on some jabs and not on household bills.

The window of autism being 'uncovered' in babies is apparently between 15&18months. Perhaps I may wait it out until the Summer before I think about MMR again.

Anywhooooooo, Parents it's ultimately your choice and don't lose sight of that because of pressure by friends or health professionals. As much as I admire docs, nurses etc, they tend to be at risk of seeing patients as bodies rather than people.

On that note, I need to get Seb's umbilical hernia looked at. It keeps gurgling :-/

Love Mama x

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Thursday, 1 May 2014

Food for thought

Hi everyone,

From my last post I spoke about feeling down with starting work again. I cannot believe that I've nearly completed my first working week already! Time flies! Like seriously: the world needs to stop!

Just a quick update to say Seb's fine and well. The good thing with my job is it's in central, so it doesn't take longer than 30mins door to door :-) I feel good as I'm providing for Seb 'minimally' and still enjoying being a Mommy to him. Each night we've done something like going to the park, grocery shopping (highlight of the week :-/ ) and just sat in bed relaxing to our favourite nursery rhymes.

What lead me to this post is, I've met a lovely a girl at work who told me she has a few weeks old nephew who lives with her. She's besotted with him and there we were, instantly bonding over baby tips.

It suddenly dawned on me, that I need to incorporate more 'tips' within this blog.

I did start out wanting to, but didn't want to come across as 'preachy', a 'know it all' or 'perfect mom'. Look how Alicia Silverstone's new mummy guide was received and what about the tips that alienate the average Mother who is not absurdly rich or obsessive over organic items like on dear old Gwynie's 'Goop' 

People who know me in real life know I keep it 100 with everyone from all backgrounds and all races. There are some tips I told my work friend regarding acid reflux, baby bottle recommendations and milk formula that she really took on board.
That made me happy.

I read today a fantastic quote from the 'Humans of New York' project

"Having a child is constraining. There's a lot of things you used to do that you can't do anymore. But it's also extremely expanding."
"How is it expanding?"
"Because you suddenly relate to everyone else on earth who has a child. No matter what race, class, or creed."

I'll start sharing some tips very soon!

Love Mama x



Saturday, 26 April 2014

A Sad Mama

Hi everyone,

Today I'm sad. You may not know, but for the past three months I've been at home taking care of Seb. The reason for which came out of the blue, but turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Since taking that time away from the working world for the first time (i've worked since age 16 and studied for a degree), it's been lovely seeing Seb flourish into the wonderful toddler/baby he is.

I start a new job this Monday and am only going because funds are low, if money was no issue, i'd stay with Seb all day, everyday! I'm not one for signing on and taking benefits, despite being a regular taxpayer so the little savings and overdraft I had are allllllllll spent. Still the cost was worth it.

Mama's sad today as returning to work spells Seb going to nursery too! I mean, the nursery i've chosen is a brand new, converted mansion with a small number of babies there so he'll get the attention he's used to getting with added companionship. It has a huge garden, so he'll be able to go out everyday as he's used to doing so with me. There's also a lovely park across the road which he and I often go to, so he'll be in familiar surroundings and of course the nursery staff seem lovely. I'm confident in it, however, just sad that our time is ending :-( :-(

Ok, i'm going to put him down for a nap so I can cry quietly whilst looking at these pix (no joke)

Love Mama x

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Mama recommends: Topshop Lipstick 'beatnik'

Hi everyone,

As a young Mom, I'm constantly reaching for my makeup bag. Sleepless nights- concealer, Doctor's appointment - blush, Moms & baby group - the full works (you know how competitive Moms can get)...

Today has been a down day and apart from doing a quick grocery shop this morning, I've been makeup free most of the day. So I thought, why not do a recommendation of my new Topshop lipstick called 'beatnik'?

Seb's Godmother kindly gave me this lipstick over the weekend as she felt it did not suit her complexion. I tried it on and instantly liked it.

The colour is a mauve/ pink with a hint of metallic sheen. I'd say it has 'cool' undertones, so it probably suits warmer complexions as a counter balance. It's a creamy finish (like MAC's cremesheen finishes) and has fairly good staying power for maybe two hours at a time if you don't eat in between!

The drawback for me is I don't like the feel of cream finishes on my lips in general. I feel this in particular feels a lil on the greasy side too. However, if you're a lipgloss or Vaseline type of girl, you'll love this.

Here's an impromptu lip swatch on me done by Seb! Excuse my horrible makeup free eyes and dishevelled hair!

  Love Mama x

Hand Painted Easter Eggs

Hi everyone,

In my last post I spoke about what Easter means to me and my family and mentioned the usual schedule. It went as planned! Chillin', loadsa eating, family party, seeing friends & just having a nice time!

This time we were at family in London, so soon I'll do a post on packing for a weekend away with a teeny: what I find useful on our travels and what I leave at home!

It was lovely as I even staged a mini Easter egg hunt for Seb, which wasn't too complex or taxing and he loved the round of applause he received after finding each egg! It was lovely.

Onto the eggs...here are the finished articles!

Seb painted them himself and I filled in the blanks. It was so exciting for me, as i'll be able to keep the eggs as a reminder of his first real Easter!

Hope you all enjoyed your Easter and created new traditions and new memories!

Love Mama x

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Easter Traditions

Hi everyone,
Easter is nearly upon us and the weather right now in Birmingham, England is just so beautiful!


The past week was very busy for this Mama, including job interviews and general Mama duties, so sorry for the silence!
Easter is a time for most Christians to reflect on Jesus' death and resurrection. I would consider myself more 'spiritual' than 'religious' as such, but still, traditional values are important to me and will play a vital part in how I'll raise Seb.
Usually Easter for us involves eating Fish and spending time at home on Good Friday. Chilling on Saturday. Sunday going to Church and visiting family where we have a big Jamaican meal and share jokes. I know a lot of young people go out on Sunday night, but even before Seb, I always felt a bit 'disrespectful' so stayed in. On the Monday I usually devour any left over Easter eggs and watch the TV!
I never really grew up with the 'Easter bunny', but used to look forward to receiving huge Easter eggs. My favourite was Smarties and Mini Eggs! Obviously, Seb is too young for Easter eggs now at 15months old, but I found these cute little eggs to paints with/for him!


I'll show you what faces or patterns we'll paint in another post. An absolute steal from a store called 'Home Bargains' for only £1.49 and the bucket to 'hunt' them was a mere 79p!!!

As your little one grows, it's important to start to create memories and traditions with them.

What does Easter mean to you and your family? Do you have certain traditions?  

Love Mama x


Monday, 7 April 2014

Mama has so much to say: Social Media problems

Hi everyone!

Last week I joined instagram and found myself on Twitter more than before!

I know I'm late to the party, but the party don't start 'til I walk in!

Ok, so now I find myself further distracted as I now have to update Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and this blog! At this rate, I'll need to schedule my scarce and precious internet time to cover all bases!

The only question I pose is why so much social media? I admit to being an addict, but I fear it takes away precious time, or at least can distract from things a person needs to do in 'real life'.

I put Seb first and we go out every single day for him to get fresh air by doing a 'fun' (and mostly free) activity. However, because of Instagram, I've chastised myself when we've gone out and i've left my tablet at home and missed out on precious 'camera time'. It's almost like being in your own reality show and having to pre-plan when and where you will shoot!

I have no real interest in becoming a 'reality tv personality', but I know that each blog post needs some engaging photos.

I guess what this ramble is getting to is : how much is enough? How much do we have to share in order to be relatable or at least understood? Is it a problem when you think about Instagraming a 'special' moment instead of just living it? Even Queen Bee, Beyonce, demanded at one of her concerts for the crowd to put their filming devices down and just feel.

What do you think?
Does social media take away from living an experience or enhance it?
As a parent, do you feel that spending time online takes away from spending time with your beloved kids?

Anyhoo, I enjoy writing and hope that my little Mumsy tidbits help at least someone reading

Love Mama,

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Twitter: @zenafashstalker

Sowwie ^^^^^^