Saturday, 26 April 2014

A Sad Mama

Hi everyone,

Today I'm sad. You may not know, but for the past three months I've been at home taking care of Seb. The reason for which came out of the blue, but turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Since taking that time away from the working world for the first time (i've worked since age 16 and studied for a degree), it's been lovely seeing Seb flourish into the wonderful toddler/baby he is.

I start a new job this Monday and am only going because funds are low, if money was no issue, i'd stay with Seb all day, everyday! I'm not one for signing on and taking benefits, despite being a regular taxpayer so the little savings and overdraft I had are allllllllll spent. Still the cost was worth it.

Mama's sad today as returning to work spells Seb going to nursery too! I mean, the nursery i've chosen is a brand new, converted mansion with a small number of babies there so he'll get the attention he's used to getting with added companionship. It has a huge garden, so he'll be able to go out everyday as he's used to doing so with me. There's also a lovely park across the road which he and I often go to, so he'll be in familiar surroundings and of course the nursery staff seem lovely. I'm confident in it, however, just sad that our time is ending :-( :-(

Ok, i'm going to put him down for a nap so I can cry quietly whilst looking at these pix (no joke)

Love Mama x

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