Thursday, 1 May 2014

Food for thought

Hi everyone,

From my last post I spoke about feeling down with starting work again. I cannot believe that I've nearly completed my first working week already! Time flies! Like seriously: the world needs to stop!

Just a quick update to say Seb's fine and well. The good thing with my job is it's in central, so it doesn't take longer than 30mins door to door :-) I feel good as I'm providing for Seb 'minimally' and still enjoying being a Mommy to him. Each night we've done something like going to the park, grocery shopping (highlight of the week :-/ ) and just sat in bed relaxing to our favourite nursery rhymes.

What lead me to this post is, I've met a lovely a girl at work who told me she has a few weeks old nephew who lives with her. She's besotted with him and there we were, instantly bonding over baby tips.

It suddenly dawned on me, that I need to incorporate more 'tips' within this blog.

I did start out wanting to, but didn't want to come across as 'preachy', a 'know it all' or 'perfect mom'. Look how Alicia Silverstone's new mummy guide was received and what about the tips that alienate the average Mother who is not absurdly rich or obsessive over organic items like on dear old Gwynie's 'Goop' 

People who know me in real life know I keep it 100 with everyone from all backgrounds and all races. There are some tips I told my work friend regarding acid reflux, baby bottle recommendations and milk formula that she really took on board.
That made me happy.

I read today a fantastic quote from the 'Humans of New York' project

"Having a child is constraining. There's a lot of things you used to do that you can't do anymore. But it's also extremely expanding."
"How is it expanding?"
"Because you suddenly relate to everyone else on earth who has a child. No matter what race, class, or creed."

I'll start sharing some tips very soon!

Love Mama x



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