Sunday, 16 March 2014

Teeny Tiny's Tummy: I only eat food with flavour

This morning after burning up some calories at one of Birmingham's most popular parks, Cannon Hill in Edgbaston, we went to the supermarket on the way home. Knowing it would be Seb's lunchtime by the time we were done, I knew he wouldn't be able to wait for me to make him something from scratch.

I then decided to venture into the unknown and buy him a 'takeaway' by cult favourite Ella's Kitchen.

In the past, I've bought packet fruit made by Ella's Kitchen such as their apple & banana puree, mango brekkie (which lasted only from the checkout to the car!) which went down a treat with Seb. I like their natural ingredients promise and I can tell that they promote a more honest dialogue when it comes to showcasing what goes into making their food. (You can check their website here :

So here I am, standing a little bewildered in the baby food aisle wondering what to feed tiny. Torn between the Spal Bol and Lamb Roast Dinner because out of everything else on the shelf, I guessed he should be used to these tastes. As it is Sunday, I thought, why not go for the Lamb Roast dinner?

I'll tell you why not: it was bland. As fresh as a daisy. Seb was not a happy chappy. This is a baby who eats his food 99.1% of the time and whose new word at meal times is 'more' (I kid you not). After taking a few spoonfuls, he screwed up his face and gave me a foreign hand signal. Huh, what? I think he actually pushed the spoon away?!

This NEVER happens. Mayday. Mayday.

I took a taste and empathised. I could taste carrot and a hint of mint, but no lamb at all.

Just to say that when I cook for Seb, I NEVER add salt, but do put less than a pinch of  age appropriate seasonings in some of his meals with meat in.

All I knew is this situation was turning ugly and we needed a solution fast!

Mom came in with a loaf of tiger bread made by the Supermarket bakery. Not my first choice for baby to have, but it certainly gave a bit more 'oomph' to the meal and quelled his hunger.

I am still a fan of Ella's Kitchen  and their fruit and breakfast ranges are great, but as my Seb has only had two packaged meals in his short life, he certainly is not made for 'takeaways'.

Are there any packaged foods that go down a treat (with flavour) that your little one loves?

Love Mama x

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