Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Baby Fashion: 'Hug a hoodie'

Gap | Debenhams | Asda George

Hoodies can be great for playing in the house or for keeping warm during cooler days.

These hoodies were gifts and as they aren't purchases I would have made myself, it's been great trying Seb in more casual styles at home or at the park.

I admit to not liking hoodies on Seb as I come from a generation of 'hoodie' wearers that were frowned upon by society. Sadly, I do associate negative stereotypes with hoodies wearers which is ridiculous as people who commit crime can wear suits and ties too...

Am I being too sensitive or do you feel like this too?

Anyway, as our dear old Prime Minister said, we should 'hug a hoodie'.

I love hugging mine!

Love Mama x

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