Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Teeny Tiny's Tummy: 2 in1 Homemade apple and grape juice and eton mess

Hi everyone,

Yesterday, I went to the Supermarket and fancied trying my 14 month old Seb on grapes. I usually buy other fruits, but they were on offer.

I've been drilled, encouraged, guilt tripped by my Mom into making Seb's juice fresh daily. I get a scowl if I put a hint of packaged juice or a drop of squash (cordial) into his Sippy cup. No exaggerations!

As I'm off work and so is she, there's been nowhere to hide by way of shortcuts!

Now onto how I made the juice (preparation time 5mins) :

Blend the grapes and chunks of apple in a bowl or pan.

When the mixture is very thin, add some cool boiled water to lessen the sweetness of the grapes.

Add some lemon juice to stop the juice from oxidising (spoiling).

As there are 'bits' or grape skin in the mixture, sieve straight into your baby's sippy cup.

Watch their face light up at the delicious taste made from natural ingredients.

Ingredients (Apple is missing)

Now onto the Eton Mess (preparation time 5mins)

I had a brainwave as I sieved the juice and saw the grape skin build up: This could be a nice snack for this Mama.

Raided the cupboards and found meringue, crème fraîche and thought: Eton Mess time!

The recipes and ingredients vary, but it is a traditional English dessert made of berries, cream and meringue.

It's a mess, so all you have to do is mash up the ingredients. I too have been in a mess this week: a bit stressed and worn out, so this was a nice 'pick me up'.

My recycled mess
A mess eating a mess!
So there you have it: sweet homemade juice for the baby and a dessert for the messy Mama!!!
Love Mama x

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