Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Full Circle : The Best is yet to come

If you would like to know the background of what teeny and I have been through in the year leading up to today, scroll down and read the four posts.

This is where the fun part begins and below are the themes which this blog will centre itself around!

Stay tuned for:

Teeny Tiny's Tummy: Food! A run down of Seb's favourite meals, tips how to prepare them and progress on his eating skills. Also a retrospective look on breastfeeding and ways to make it work for you and baby.
Baby Fashion: Staple items for teeny tinies, favourite designers/shops, tips on how to buy at the most cost effective times. Possibly, some OOTD's from the Tiny.
Chicken Run: Ideas on experiences you could create for your toddler, recommendations of places we've been to. How Seb likes to burn up energy before his naps.

Beauty- Young Moms have to look good too! Product recommendations which help to keep me looking human at best, alive at worst. Reviews, wish lists etc.


Love Mama x

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