Monday, 14 January 2013

'Nostalgia, Ultra'

The title of Frank Ocean's debut album. 

My boyfriend introduced me to Frank's first album 'Nostalgia, Ultra' around Sept 2011. During the Autumn in England, we tend to have Indian Summers so hearing that album takes me back to a tiny, insanely hot student dorm room.

Being 38weeks pregnant has prompted 'Nostalgia, Ultra' within our lives. All the fun we've had together; the parties, the kisses, the Christmas celebrations...

However, today I'm using his music to de-stress as I've had the news that miniature is... well just that :-(

Apparently my bump hasn't grown in 3 weeks, so have been called into hospital for a growth scan with the threat of induction if they find anything 'concerning'. I feel a bit bad for calling miniature, miniature now. 

Perhaps my boyfriend's superstition that the nickname would jinx the baby was right!
By the end of today it's possible we could become parents!

I'm sure it's only a routine check though.

Maybe it is only right that I think of Frank Ocean today.

Love Mama x

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